Umberto Gaudino

nice to meet you

My name is
Umberto Gaudino

I am a music composer and music producer with experience in music for media and films. I am violinist and pianist, and my classical and modern studies background makes my versatility and competitive approach. I’m fueled by my passion for music, films and Fashion, and for understanding how music can best contribute the storytelling of moving pictures. I’m eager to build on my academic studies in music and stay in tune with the latest technologies, techniques and styles.
I am used to wok across really different genres, but my most distinctive and expressive side lies in hybrid-acoustic music, merging small or big orchestral ensembles with electronic instruments and sound design.
I have been making much music for the multinational fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana so far, but also “Costa” Cruise Company, Sky Italy, several short films and two feature films across Italy and UK.

I’m currently working as freelance and always interested in a challenge. Reach out to to connect!